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15 August 2009

Email of complaint to the Today programme on coverage of the ‘British NHS’ debate

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Just sent the Today programme this email:

Do you think that Today and the BBC in general could take a bit more care to differentiate between what relates to the NHS across Britain as a whole and what is specific to England? In none of the discussion anywhere in the BBC yesterday did anyone point out that the party spokespersons’ competence related only to the English NHS, and that many of the discussion points concerning NHS funding and organisation were relevant to England only.

Another example: the discussion on this morning’s programme comparing US and British attitudes to each other’s health-care systems. The ‘British’ expert was in fact an English health-care practitioner and most of his points related to England only; e.g. NICE, the two-week cancer pledge, the statistics on waiting lists, etc.

Please when talking about the English NHS, call it as such. For further discussion on this, see my blog post:


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