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10 November 2008

Home Nations tournament to decide which nation can provide the Olympics Team GB

According to the BBC, David Cameron has suggested there should be a Home Nations football tournament to decide which of the UK’s nations should provide the football Team GB (or should that be Team UK?) at the 2012 Olympics. As the Tory leader said: “Maybe the answer is to have a home tournament, see who wins and that team goes forward, but for the Olympics we’ve got to settle this so there is a representative team”.

Well, Cameron (or at least the BBC report) has got one thing right: it would indeed be a Home Nations tournament – nice to see that expression coming back into currency. However, might I suggest a small but significant modification to Cameron’s idea: it should be the team that loses the tournament that gets to represent Great Britain, not the one that wins it! That’ll really motivate the Scots to beat the Auld Enemy!



  1. David, On a change of topic, I would like to hear your opinion on the emotional subject of organ transplants.
    The present situation is that “opting in” as a donor is the prefered way to address this dilemma.
    However, Gordon Brown has today said that he will look at changing the law to make it necessary to “opt out”, IE: your organs will be used on your death regardless, unless you do opt out.
    As I have just implied, a very emotive problem, but if this route is taken then how long will it be before the “opt out” is withdrawn and we all become organ donors whether we like it or not.
    To me this suddenly takes on the scenario of this government owning your body in life and death to do with as it thinks fit, I am not convinced that it couldn’t happen, and taking this down a political route, with health being a devolved issue, would it only apply to England.
    You may or may not have an opinion on this matter, or think it is perhaps too controversial or irrelevant to your own political views to comment on here, if so thats fair enough.

    Comment by bobshaw — 17 November 2008 @ 3.17 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks for the question, Bob. I’ve turned my response to your question into a new post: ‘Presumed Consent’.

    Comment by David — 18 November 2008 @ 3.05 am | Reply

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