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23 January 2008

Spurs 5-1 Arsenal

Filed under: football,Spurs — David @ 4.39 am

Ecstatic, Brian.



  1. Whatever…….. Annoying as it was I would have still swapped it for the six points that we got of you this season!

    Comment by Little Englander — 23 January 2008 @ 7.05 am | Reply

  2. Well, I suppose that sums up much of the difference between Spurs and Arsenal: Spurs cherish (and very occasionally achieve) cup glory while Arsenal just win the league. But heck, you lost – badly!

    Comment by David — 23 January 2008 @ 8.45 am | Reply

  3. And a statement like “Arsenal just win the league” sums up that difference too! I know it’s been a long time David, but winning the league in England is one of the most difficult tasks in world football. If you’d swap that for a couple of glory, glory moments once a decade then be my guest. On a more serious note, I’d like to say that this is one of my favorite blogs and I wholeheartedly support your aims. Whilst we may be poles apart football wise, politically you are on the same wavelength as me and an increasing number of English people. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Little Englander — 23 January 2008 @ 3.55 pm | Reply

  4. Spurs Suck.

    Comment by The Hub — 23 January 2008 @ 8.23 pm | Reply

  5. Thanks, Little Englander – got a bee in my bonnet that won’t stop buzzing at least till we get an English parliament! Re comment from ‘the Hub’, may I just remind you of the title of this post?

    Comment by David — 24 January 2008 @ 4.47 am | Reply

  6. 23 January 2008
    Spurs 5-1 Arsenal

    Ha! You must feel like I did on the 23rd December 1978 mate.
    The score was slightly different that day.
    spurs 0 Arsenal 5 Mind you, we didnt have our first win over you
    for nine years that day *chortle*
    I actually hate the way English football has gone. I think wenger
    is a right plum. We lost ‘cos he played the kids. What a joke.

    Comment by M Anderson — 1 February 2008 @ 6.57 am | Reply

  7. I was there on that day in 1978, too; started off with the appropriately named Colin Pratt doing a back-pass right into the path of the Arsenal striker for 1-0 after a couple of minutes, and went from bad to worse. So yes, it did feel like the reverse of that previous experience!

    I agree with you about the state of English football, though. Mind you, at least the Arsenal kids currently include two or three English players, for a change – will they make it to regular full-team places, though?

    Comment by David — 1 February 2008 @ 9.07 am | Reply

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