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21 October 2007

The country is proud: which country, Gordon?

The English rugby team did indeed do us proud last night: what a valiant effort! With the rub of the green, the result could so well have gone in their favour. And what an achievement to get to the final in the first place!

Cringe of the night: mugshot of GB [Gordon Brown to you] hypocritically sporting red tie on white shirt, and then placing himself smugly at the centre of proceedings at the end of the game shaking the hands of all the England team. Pleased, though, that Johnny Wilkinson didn’t pause to chat with him and so let him seize the photo opportunity he was so evidently after!

GB’s remarks after the match also got the proverbial hackles up, too:

“England’s performance at this World Cup, and in the final against South Africa, was an inspiration to millions in our country.

“Their victories against France and Australia will live long in our memory and the country is extremely proud of their extraordinary achievements over the past few weeks”.

When you say ‘their’ victory was an inspiration to ‘our country’, which country are you talking about, Gordon? England or Britain? And when you say ‘the country is proud’, is that England or Britain? The man can’t bring himself to utter the ‘E’ word even when praising its sportsmen! Why can’t he say their achievements were an inspiration to millions in England and the UK as a whole, which is probably true: some Scottish and Welsh people will undoubtedly have admired England’s performance in the last three matches? And why can’t he say ‘England is proud’, or even ‘England and the whole of Britain is proud’?

Instead, he has to go and wrap the whole thing up in the ambiguity of ‘our / the country’, which also marked his recent speech to the Labour Party conference (see previous post on that). GB just can’t bring himself to say anything that makes it embarrassingly obvious that most English people don’t feel he’s qualified to represent or speak on behalf of England. ‘What gives you the right to say “England is proud”?’, we might say. Well, on one level, he is qualified as he’s the prime minister of the UK, which includes England. But, in my view, if he can’t even bring himself to say ‘England and the whole of Britain are proud’, then this gives the lie to the spurious unity of ‘our / the country’ he so ambiguously refers to.

So if the people of England resent him being our appointed representative at the Rugby World Cup final, and even he has difficulty in speaking (in) the name of England, perhaps we should have a prime minister of England who can do the job for us?



  1. […] Hat-tip: Britology watch […]

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  2. The English people do resent him being our appointed representative at the Rugby world Cup final mate. And he does have difficulty in speaking the name England and of course, we should have a prime minister of England who can do the job for us and he should be English! People dont like brown bottle because he’s a fraud, he’s not English, he’s scottish and because he’s a snidey, creepy, control freak type of individual! Oh yeah, he’s also a commie wannabe, i.e. when it suites him he comes out with some type of pseudo pinkoism type comment! Personally, I dont think people like liars and cheats. If Brown was English and doing what he’s doing now, ie lying and deceiving, the English would dislike him just as much. The fact that’s he’s a sweaty sock doesn’t help him of course. And never forget he was chancellor! He has given scotland tens of billions! Billions that should’ve gone to English elderly, English children, English CANCER SUFFERERS! So, to see that bastard up there on that podium last night was a joke. I was way more mad about that than the anti English prick who denied the try and the anti English IRISH ref who
    didnt see the blocking by the sth african players but did see EVERY English foul! Surprise surprise! Brown does not represent ANYTHING English!
    I have to say though I laughed watching the England players shaking his hand. I dont think any of them shook his hand with any conviction. The sth african players didnt even know who he was!

    Oh it’s all piss-taking mate. He signed the scottish claim of right (the scottish people’s wishes come first) then he goes on about “british values” (“British” people are important) and then all of a sudden he’s going on about the English rugby team! (Oh yesssssss I can try and con the English public once again)
    Also, if brown bottler can go all the way to France just to TRY and make himself look acceptable then why can’t he have community open days at Downing street for our returning soldiers/poor/disabled? No mate brown bottle is a fraud, a control freak, and a complete and utter waste of space. But isnt that like all of new labour!

    Comment by M Anderson — 21 October 2007 @ 3.01 pm | Reply

  3. Did anyone else think that he didn’t know the words of the English National Anthem or was he singing “Flower of Scotland”? I would love to see the whole footage from the camera, it looked a real “John Redwood” moment.

    Comment by Dee — 22 October 2007 @ 7.07 am | Reply

  4. I was Proud of our rugby team. we did well to get into the finals and We DIDNT let South Afica walk all over us

    Comment by sports betting gal — 22 October 2007 @ 2.47 pm | Reply

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  6. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    Comment by Idetrorce — 15 December 2007 @ 4.04 pm | Reply

  7. Thanks for the comment, Idetrorce. What’s your take on it then?

    Comment by David — 15 December 2007 @ 8.01 pm | Reply

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